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A look at Rockbox

This “Open Source Jukebox Firmware” has come a long way.

I became a fan of Rockbox a few years back when I decided to throw caution to the wind and Simple to use installer install this potentially device threatening software on my iPod.

It is a complete overhaul to your iPod interface, allowing you to play a multitude of filetypes from the deepest darkest corners of audio geekdom, as well as install a seemingly endless array of plugins. You can do anything from play Doom to convert USD to Euros.

It used to be that, to install the program, you had to do all kinds of magic in the Windows Command Prompt (Most of which I blindly copied out of the wiki with fingers crossed). But now install is through one simple utility, no muss no fuss. Although you can still do it manually, if you’re into that sorta thing.

Simple default menu Now be aware, this thing isn’t made to look pretty, the core software is pretty bland as you can see. But there are some themes for it that can make it look quit nice. Now the newest version came out just a couple days ago, so some of the better themes aren’t ported over yet, but you can see what’s currently available here.

The newest version even has a coverflow clone. I tell you, this aint your grandpa’s Rockbox. Looking at this is making me want to take the plunge again and abandon iTunes.

There’s the rub, if you aren’t into manually organizing your music collection, this probably isn’t for Coverflow? More like lulzverflow, amirite? you. It does have a database function that will organize  things for browsing on the device, but support for things like podcasts it pretty much all manual, this is what led me to move away from Rockbox in the first place.

It’s just as simple to revert back to the original firmware on your device though, and it does dualboot if you want to check it out.

So if you’ve got the balls, head on over the and give it a try.

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