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The new video from So-Cal Bullshit band, Steel Panther calls out many pop-culture icons and writes numerous checks their ass can’t cash.

The song is called Death to all But Metal, but how are you going to put down hip-hop with inventive lyrics such as these.

Eminem can suck it, so can Dr. Dre
They can suck each other, just because they’re gay
They can suck a dick, they can lick a sack 
Everybody shout, heavy metals back!

I know you really want to appear strait guys, but when you walk around dressed like a  191439602_rrmdU-LCinderella cover band, nobody is going to believe you.

Also, if they truly hate these people, then one might ask them why they have invited the likes of Avril Lavigne, RZA (of Wu-Tang fame), Lil Jon (YEEEAAAA that guy), and Kelly Clarkson to join them onstage?

The video itself sucks as well, it starts off with some kid in the strangest music class I’ve ever seen, being all rebellious and angsty as teenagers do. Then he says something about Death to All But Metal and then the music starts and my ears glaze over. It does feature Sarah Silverman though, she’s hot.

I could care less about bringing death to all but metal, just death to false metal like this fucking losers.

4 Responses to “*Facepalm*”
  • greggcarson says:

    I liked it, although I do enjoy hair metal.

  • ron says:

    I thought it was the funnies.

  • Kaden says:

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