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TuneUp Your iTunes Library

An iTunes organizational plug-in that actually works? GTFO.

I randomly came across this tool while perusing the internet one day, and for some reason the ad caught my eye. Another tool that attempts to find all your missing artwork? Meh, I fully expected it to tag all my Borknagar as Bon Jovi, but I decided to give it a shot anyway . TuneUp cleaning screen

Excuse me while I shove my foot in my mouth.

After installing it I thought that something had gone wrong, where was the nag screen telling me my trial would expire? Or that all my album art would be replaced with the company logo if I didn’t pay up in 30 days?

I opened iTunes to an unexpected sight, a sleek, unobtrusive side panel waiting to be explored.

TuneUp will analyze your library and put any tracks it thinks need cleaning into a “Dirty” playlist. Simply start dragging songs (or groups of songs) over to the cleaning area, marked with a cute little bottle of windex. The program tells you what it thinks should happen to the tags and sorts the songs by artist and album to let you review changes that are going to be made.

I started using TuneUp on every album I added to my library and quickly used up my free 500 tags. However I don’t think 29.95 is too much to ask for this helpful piece of software. They also have a 19.95 yearly subscription, but I can’t quite see why you’d only want to use this for a year.

TuneUp Now PlayingThere is also a “Now Playing” feature which will show you some videos and news related to whatever artist is playing, kinda cool I guess, but really only works for more mainstream bands.

The concerts feature is nice, but it only gives you ticket links throughTuneUp Concerts Menu StubHub which is generally a rip off, as you can see in the screenshot, 55 dollars for the Lamb of God tickets? Also, using StubHub exclusively means if it’s not on there, you don’t see any tickets. NO KREATOR FOR JOO!

So overall I highly recommend this software, reading the current tags can be a bit slow at times, but not so much that it’s distracting, and the Concert and Now Playing sections aren’t always useful. But the meat of the program is solid and it works.

Get a free trial at When you decide to purchase, use the Promo Code: METALSCAPE to get a cool 15% off.

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