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Metal Pole

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Episode CXIII

Space Pedos

ITE: I loves me some airports, Disneylands, Morrison, Roncold, Duck Ruling, Zach plays a request, Tom’s girlfriend, Dio’s sitcom, Nuclear Blast has a lot of bands, ze Opeth Tour Memoirs, Chepe brawl, Raining Blood and Frosbitten Truckers.

Hellkrusher – Wasteland
Einherjer – Fimbul Winter
Dark Tranquillity – Am I 1?
Windir – Journey to the End
Stratovarius- Deep Unknown
Agalloch – Fire Above Ice Below
Einherjer – Wolf-Age
Oakhelm – Immram

Captain EO Part 1
Captain EO Part 2
Krod Mandoon Chick
Purple Drank
Hippie Hill 1
Hippie Hill 2
Kreator PETA video 1
Kreator PETA video 2

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