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Russian DVDs

Arkona, the russian pagan metal band, is releasing their first DVD ever “Noch Velesova” starting in Finland and for some fucked up reason, Spain. Here’s the cover art:
And here’s the release dates:
Finland & Spain: 27.05.2009
G/A/S & SWE, Ben elux, FRA, ITA: 29.05.2009
EUROPE: 01.06.2009
USA/Canada: 16.06.2009
Nicaragua: lolwut

I could give a shit about Arkona (although I do like that one song off that one album). Dunno, maybe I should listen to them some more. But you have to give props to a band whose drummer gets run over by a car and simply walks it off like nobody’s business.

Source: Myspace

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7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!