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Smileys harboring malicious code?

Security researchers Yoann Guillot and Julien Tinnes have found a way to encode malicious code into smileys and provided a proof of concept encoder to automate the process. The researchers said their discovery paves the way for IM malware that would be impossible to detect since the malicious code would be ‘indistinguishable from genuine chat messages.’ I’ve tested the proof of concept code which works very well. Time to panic IM users?


2 Responses to “Smileys harboring malicious code?”
  • ron says:

    fucking gogo

  • Hitomi says:

    I made a paranoid pawrsosd a while back it was fantastic, with numbers and about 4 different symbols. But, I still use it frequently today! The thing is, I learned to type it very fast and got used to it over time, as crazy as it is.My mum is terrible with pawrsosds. She picks a different one for EVERY. SINGLE. ACCOUNT. This really annoys me because she pretty much relies on me to remember them. I don’t know why she can’t stick with the same pawrsosd and just slightly modify it. This paranoia is crazy. :P

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