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Something to think about the next time that you poo

Zizek on Toilets and Ideology
The speed of the subtitles might make it a bit difficult for some (not going to mention any names…) to keep up with what the Slovenian Philosopher Slavoj Žižek is spewing out here , but his basic point is that the ideologies behind many major western societies can be considered in the way their toilets are constructed. The toilets of the contemplative, philosophical Germans are made in a way that the poo falls on the dry back wall of  the toilet and thus becomes an object of observation and contemplation before you flush. The relevance here is clear not only to the incredible German philosophical tradition but the less glorious fact that 20th century Germany has had one incomparably despicable poltical disaster to come to terms with (think World War II, that Hitler guy). Their efforts to face the national guilt over the Holocaust in literary, philosophical, and economical terms has been a defining feature in the reshaping and the salvaging of German identity since then.

Next Žižek talks about the toilets of the French, which Inflatable Pub For Sale are built in such a way that the poo shoots down a little whole in the back and disappears from view. This seamless, quick cycle of (bull) shit might explain the historically revolutionary attitudes of the French. Conversely, the fact that the French never even see their own excrement might explain why the stereotypical frenchman so readily sneers at your filthy American Budweiser and doritos. Casual racism combined with poop jokes, but hey, I didn’t make up the stereotype or give a toilet lecture.

Lastly we come to the toilets of the Americans, which, as many of us here know, suspend the poo (and everything else) in shallow water until you’re ready to flush. All of the waste is present in a big watery mass, which hangs in apathetic stasis. However if it gets too big come flushing time, it often clogs the toilet and impedes the natural order of things, causing a sopping overflow. I’m sure the metaphor is pungent enough, so I won’t go into particulars and let it evolve into a pungent rant.

So the next time you sit down for a poo, make it a reflective poo, and remember to flush. Sorry if I grossed anyone out.

9 Responses to “Something to think about the next time that you poo”
  • greggcarson says:

    This guy is a retard.

  • TheTechnogoat says:

    …want to elaborate on that? just for the lols?

  • Diminished says:

    Niche bullshittery.

  • TheTechnogoat says:

    What about it is bullshit though? You guys can’t just say ‘That guy is a retard’ and ‘nice bullshittery’ without giving any reasons for your opinion.

  • Diminished says:

    Not “nice” bullshittery, “NICHE” bullshittery.

    His approach is typical cringe-worthy “lite shock” over-thinkedge nicheism (yes I’m making up words).
    Choose a topic that may seem quirky or odd that everyone’s familiar with, pick at it until you’ve come up with the meager offerings that’ll cloak your unimaginative asshole wanna-be “philosopher” mindset, then point out minor inconsistencies (i.e slight differences, flaws in the system) that will barely (but effectively)perpetuate your shitty analogies so you can claim your halfbaked meanderings qualify as “profound philosophical discoveries”.

    It’s fucking easy, anyone could do that. You could probably convince someone their method of washing dishes is relevant to the illegal whale hunting popular in Japan and Australia with the same bullshit arguments this guy’s presenting.

    “why the stereotypical frenchman so readily sneers at your filthy American Budweiser and doritos.”

    ^Lol, wouldn’t that be “our” for you?
    I’m beginning to think Tom was right on the whole “Swedwannbe” thing.
    Either way, that German guy’s a shameless hack…

  • Zach says:

    The German flachspueler is something I’ll never understand. The main plus of suspending it in water means much of the smell is contained. But when left out in the open, you have that stench wafting up through your legs almost immediately and turns the (generally relaxing) experience of taking a dump into an endurance test.

    Then comes the flushing. If things aren’t tuned just right that toilet will send a jet of water to hit you in the back of the legs while you’re turned around to wash your hands.

    Luckily I ran into roughly equal number of flachspuelers and toilets more akin to what I’m used to here in the states (tiefspueler is the term I think). This seems to be a point of contention among germans. Most I asked though preferred the flachspueler for the lack of splash, which is a good argument. However I noticed that most german toilets have more of a splash danger than US toilets as they tend to be deeper, water shoots up at your ass like a fucking volcano.

  • TheTechnogoat says:

    cool Zach, but diminished, I’d have preferred a few real reasons rather than a personal flaming and you putting words in my mouth – I nowhere claimed that this is something profound, although apparently you seem to have expected as much. Also, I was using the rhetorical ‘you’ and was not trying to put anyone down for being American, since I am one as you snidely pointed out. I also enjoy doritos from time to time.

    But what you’re saying doesn’t stand up. Of course the way toilets are made is important to the way you live your life, you use one a few times every day – isn’t that plain enough? Washing dishes and whale hunting clearly don’t go together, but your basic bodily functions and how you deal with them certainly have relevance to the way you live your life (the analogy that you made between the two is actually wrong, not just ‘shitty’, as you called mine). It’s funny to me when you say that this is ‘overthinkage niche-ism’, but what you’re saying is wrongly and ignorantly dismissive and generalising underthinkage.

  • Diminished says:

    Nah Jacky boy, you sound like you’ve bought too much into the idea and now you’re feeling obligated to take any criticism on the subject as a personal insult.

    If you’re devotion to this stupid philosophy is so severe that it distorts you’re understanding of my points then there’s nothing I can do about that except state my intent, which I won’t, because it should have been apparent.
    Any idea that’s widely accepted (or widely accepted enough to be featured on METALSCAPE THE METAL PODCAST) as this, is automatically considered “profound” in some capacity, it wouldn’t garner any interest otherwise.
    I kind of chuckled at the accusation being “ignorantly dismissive” when really, all you did was ignorantly dismiss everything I said without arguing against a single point (save for the swede wanna-be thing, which as you would say “doesn’t hold up” since there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using “our” in any rhetorical situation).

    You were also wrong in accusing me of making “generalisations”. I haven’t generalised a thing, I’m debunking one smart-assed individual (Žižek-whatever, not YOU, so don’t go crying about it) who’s just flaunting his heady/useless observations. A generalisation usually necessitates a group of like minded or similar people, unless you meant I was generalising the underthinkage that was going on… In which case; YES, I think underthinking is (generally) pretty much all bad.
    But the only “underthinkage” that’s being thrown about is from people who subscribe to this kind of garbage, and you were right about one thing, dishes have nothing at all to do with whales, much in the same way the only connections between toilets and political histories are the ones we manage to fabricate up delusionally.

    You wanted an explanation as to why I thought this guy’s full of shit, I gave it to you and you didn’t like it (tough shit), I’m sure some small part of you saw the sense in it and you’re just too (for the lack of a lighter term) proud to admit it.

    I meant no offence and I know this responce is kinda late (I usually just link myself to the forum so I forgot about the blog for a bit), but I don’t have much patience for bullshit… Or Germans (there’s your generalisation).

  • Diminished says:

    I won’t discuss it any further, I wasted 20 minutes on that last post while eating.
    [/forgot to mention]

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