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VADER signs with Nuclear Blast

At the rate this is going, pretty soon Metalscape too will end up signing with those friggin’ Germans. Seriously, they got pretty much every major European and non-European metal band frolicking in their giant ranks. See for yourself.

Good for Vader, they’re a great band with an even greater trajectory so they deserve it. They have a new album coming up, “Necropolis”, which features Decapitated guitar player and main composer Vogg sharing axe-slinging duties with Piotr. It’ll be interesting to see if he inputs anything into the new album musically, although I doubt it.

Here’s a cool video I found on Vader’s Myspace, a studio diary. Dunno how you feel about those, but I love studio diaries. Especially if they’re Vader’s; you may not like their music, but their production is amazingly awesome. This is part I of the report which features the band’s skin beater, PaweĊ‚ Jaroszewicz, recording tracks at Hertz Studio in Poland. Sweet stuff, check it out.

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