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Archive for May, 2009

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Sup guys. We had a listener survey out a while back, but now someone is actually interested in seeing it!

The problem is, some of that stuff is a little outdated and we could use some new/updated thoughts on the show.

So even if you’ve taken the survey before, it’d be cool if you could take it again. It would really help us get a feel for our, you know, demographics and other large words we often use in the biz.

It won’t take long, and chances are you’ll get laid if you go tell people you took it.

Take the Listener Survey now!


There is now an abbreviated survey. It’s questions are a bit more focused on the show specifically.

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WARDRUNA and The Forgotten Album

Back around last year when Ghaal was making news all around the internets I happened to find myself perusing through his Myspace, and more interesting than any of the stuff that was on there was one of his top friends: Wardruna.
This is an experimental Norwegian folk/ambient band that he did some vocals for and the few samples of the then upcoming and untitled album were enough to get me hooked. You might have heard their music if you ever watched that tacky documentary which featured Ghaal and a bunch of white boys getting freaked out by his crazy/gay persona.

Anyway enough about Mr. Satan. Wardruna is the shit. I was looking forward to their release but eventually forgot about it, until for some reason I remembered about them tonight and decided to check their Myspace to see if there was anything new.

Turns out there is: Runaljod – Gap Var Ginnunga was released in early January this year, and it rocks my socks. Imagine a slower, darker and more intensely atmospheric version of Finntroll’s Visor Om Slutet and you’ll begin to sort of get the idea. If you’re even remotely into folk stuff, you gotta check them out.

Musically, the main focus is on recreating the Norse cultic musical language and the near forgotten arts of galder and seidr, as well as the daily acts of life. This is mixed with impulses from Norwegian/Nordic folk music and music from other indigenous cultures.

VADER releases artwork and tracklisting of upcoming “Necropolis”

Holy shit. It looks like they spent a total of 10 minutes working on the cover. A quick Google image search for “snake skull” and some outer glow font effects on Photoshop and bam, we got Vader’s cover art for their upcoming album “Necropolis”:
Track listing was also included. It is t3h evilz:

01. Devilized
02. Rise Of The Undead
03. Never Say My Name
04. Blast
05. The Seal
06. Dark Heart
07. Impure
08. Summoning The Future
09. Anger
10. We Are Horde
11. When The Sun Drowns In Dark

“Necropolis” comes out in Europe on August 21st. Thanks to gogo for the heads up.

Episode CXV

Now with reverb!

ITE: Zach reverberations, Ninjas in my kitchen, avoidance, home cooking, bunch o’ news, TV talk, “Carpathian Forest Sucks” 2, Pirates on my metal, Slayer day, Sex Baseball, satanic track lists and mall cops.

Solefald – Crater of the Valkyries
Behexen – Canto VI – Canticle (for Ye Lord)
Death – Empty Words
Dissection – Night’s Blood
My Dying Bride – And My Fury Stands Ready
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter – Wir sind das Licht
Helloween – Cry for Freedom
The Moon and the Nightspirit – Tüzben Születö

Wikipedia bans Church of Scientology

Showing a new-found resolve to crack down on self-serving edits, Wikipedia has banned contributions from all IPs addresses owned or operated by the Church of Scientology. According to Wikipedia administrators, this marks the first time such a high-profile organization has been banished for allegedly pushing its own agenda on the ‘free encyclopedia anyone can edit.’

The Register has the full story.”

CEPHALIC CARNAGE kills for weed

The weedman cracked me up:

Saw it on Metalsucks.

End of Scientology

A trial has opened in Paris that could shut down Scientology in France.

The organization stands accused of targeting vulnerable people for commercial gain. Scientology does not have the status of a religion there, as it does in the US, and anti-cult groups have pursued it vigorously over more than 30 years.

The current case is based on complaints filed by two women in December 1998 and July 1999.

Three other former members who had initially joined the complaint have withdrawn after “reaching a financial arrangement with church officials.”

If convicted, the seven top Scientologists in France face up to 10 years in prison and a fine of €1M. The Church of Scientology-Celebrity Centre and its Scientology Freedom Space bookshop not only face a much larger fine but also run the risk of being shut down completely.


Conan is Back!

We here at Metalscape were huge fans of the Late Night Show with Conan O’Brian. Especially the episodes when the writers were on strike. Oh man, now THAT was television.

But now Conan has left Late Night and moved on to bigger things, replacing the universally un-funny Jay Leno as the host for the Tonight Show. The new show premiers this Monday, June 1st. Here’s a preview:

Great to see that Max is still in the show, him and Conan are probably the greatest comedy duo ever to grace the small screen. Too bad the original announcer, good ol’ Joel, is gone. It’s very probable that he died, that dude was fucking old.


Stream of Consciousness recently conducted an interview with the one and only Devin Townsend about his new album Ki and upcoming records in the “Devin Townsend Project” thing he’s working on. Here’s an excerpt of the very interesting interview:

Rachel: [laugh] I think you look good with the shaved head.

Devin: Well thank you, yeah so do I. I think I look better at least. It’s like before I became a character, right? It’s kind of hard to go into the bank and asking for a loan when you look like that.

Rachel: [laugh] It’s been said that Deconstruction will be some of your heaviest music. What makes it so?

Devin: Because the whole idea of Deconstruction is deconstructing why we’re attached to heavy music. I put out Ki and people want to listen to it and it’s like this is a really good record. But there’s a whole network of people that are like, “No no no no no! We only want heavy music, we only want chaotic music, we only want devilish, horrible, destructive music” and I’m like well why? I’ll do it for you, but just tell me why first. “Because we love it, because we love it.” Why do you love it? Ya know? “Fuck the world, fuck the world, fuck everything man, only heavy, only metal” and I’m like ok, I’ll tell you what I’ll make you that record, but I’m going to sing about why we’re liking this music. Honestly, at the root of it, I think humans are really terrified and I think a lot of people who really love heavy music love it because it’s a way for them to protect themselves. If you put this thing forward and are like “I’m going to scare people with my music”, then no one’s going to get to the root of the fact that maybe it’s just you that are terrified and that’s your way of protecting yourself, that’s your defense mechanism. It’s one thing to say, “Oh I’m mad at God”, but maybe you’re really just mad at your father, you know? And I think that all these themes… that’s the thing that’s really interesting to me about heavy music now it’s like yes I love heavy music absolutely, but man to think that’s the only thing that I’m able to offer and that’s the only thing that certain people are willing to accept from me? You know, it’s not like I’m pissed off about it, but it’s kind of like are you sure you really want to know why you really like this with the exclusion of everything else?

Read the rest here. Thanks to gogo for the post.

Glorior Belli Off The Absu Tour

In a statement released earlier, which I didn’t get to read, the band had this to say according to Metal Underground.

“Glorior Belli are forced to cancel their participation to the North-American tour with Absu.

“Candlelight was not qualified enough to get everything arranged legally for the coming of the band and couldn’t acquire the appropriate papers. Therefore we have no other choice but to pull out.

“They had all the time necessary and this mess is INEXCUSABLE. We strongly condemn this organization and are extremely disappointed by this kind of attitude coming from our label.”

However the band has changed their tune slightly on the MySpace stating that

“It was impossible for our label Candlelight to get everything arranged legally for the coming of the band”

And that it was the people reading the first statement who missed the point.

I don’t know exactly what’s going on but personally I think that first point is hard to miss.

In the end it all boils down to them being French.

7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!