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Alexi Laiho Fell Out of Bed

A few days back Children of Bodom frontman, Alexi Laiho, fell out of bed on the tour bus.

He broke his shoulder and has internal bleeding, he says he can finish out the tour however he won’t be able to “move around or sing with my full power”

I guess it’s good I saw them before this happened, otherwise it would have been even MORE boring.


4 Responses to “Alexi Laiho Fell Out of Bed”
  • greggcarson says:

    He is a pussy, you don’t get internal bleeding falling out of bed unless your bet is like 15 foot high.

  • fcmk says:

    Maybe he sleeps on top of the bus? And he was probably wearing a stupendeous amount of stupid crap, hugging a guitar and had replaced his contact lenses with picks. Maybe the fifteen year olds imitating and jumping on top of him in a frenzy of fanboyism wasn’t helping much.

  • TheTechnogoat says:

    Making fun of Alexi Laiho is so 2 years ago. He’s kind of like George W. Bush

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