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Or something like that. With a bunch of dudes wearing red robes and masks. That’s basically what the DT video for their new song “A Rite of Passage” depicts. The song comes off their upcoming album, “Black Coulds & Silver Linings” which I believe is their second one on Roadrunner Records.

The song sucks pretty bad, but the video is cool. John Petrucci is still rocking the steroid look and it seems at times he’s about to break his guitar in half. Rudess is barely in the video, so much that I thought they had kicked him out because I rarely heard any keyboard parts. It’s nice to see that such a (once) great band gets the all-star music video treatment, pity it’s for such a lame song.

2 Responses to “DREAM THEATER in Space”
  • Gogo says:

    I still enjoy DT alot. Sure their glory days with images and word and falling into infinity is long gone, but i still like some of their music

  • Shortbread says:

    Gogo pretty much says it all, DT have changed quite a bit and their albums seem to focus more towards the commercial side of things, but I still like alot of their stuff, obviously being a fanboi I quite like this song, particularly the first verse and the chugging guitar riffs in the background. From the DT video’s i’ve seen this is by far their best IMO.

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