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Enslaved Tour Update

Ivar Bjørnson (Guitar) of Enslaved has posted an in depth up date of their North American tour with Opeth.

More than a feeling! We’ve never been to Boston before, so this was about time. What a city! The dialect made famous by JFK is worth a trip in itself (“haad liquor”, “who faated?”). The city is famous for amongst other things Cheers and its seafood, we got to check out the latter; the sushi was just beyond. We tried getting on one of the famous duck safaris, but they were sold out-we had to settle for a rubber duck and some duck lips (that were appropriately used during the set later that night). We found a store specializing in lobster souvenirs; we were inches away from Grutle getting a nifty lobster hat. Why hasn’t anybody thought of selling cod- and shrimp-hats in good ol’ Bergen, Norway? The local Trade Counsel should feel free to get in touch for some input.

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