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GTFO my Sherlock Holmes

What the fuck is up with the new Sherlock Holmes movie? If I remember correctly, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character was a serene, sober, distinguished gentleman who solved mysteries using his acute smarts.

But apparently that does not make for interesting movie making, as this new rendition of the famous English detective portrays him more like a mix between Jim West and fucking Tyler Durden. “Detective work? Fuck that, I’ll just punch and shoot my way out this motherfucking case”.

I couldn’t make out any plot line from the trailer, I was too distracted watching Mr. Holmes punch some dude in the face in what seemed like an illegal bare knuckle fight, in slow motion. The Sheriff must be rolling in his… er… fishing boat?

One Response to “GTFO my Sherlock Holmes”
  • Gogo says:

    They shouldnt call it sherlock holmes. But i guess no1 would really pay any attention to the film otherwise

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