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Nine inch nails iPhone application approved by Apple

So for a while now, theres been a conflict between the nine inch nails Trent Reznor and Apple, about the new (rejected) application for the iPhone that allows you to log onto the site and access music, pictures and other stuff, but it also has a GPS wich allows you to locate other users and chat with them. The reason given by Apple is that the song “The Downward Spiral” contained explicit lyrics wich they didnt like.

But now it seems that apple has turned around and approved the application. It is available through apple app store for free

Trent Reznor

This whole deal is really retarded. simulating shaking a baby is ok, but not listening to some crappy song with horrible lyrics?

on another note, I apologize for messing up the previous post. The application i was referring to before was tap tap 2. This game is a guitar hero ripoff for the iPhone, (featuring NIN songs).

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