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Timo Tolkki formes SRATOVARIUS, again

The Tolkster, as we here in Metalscape like to call our dear crazy Finnish friend, is at it again. After destroying Stratovarius, stealing money from the other band members, failing miserably with his “Rock” opera and forming a new band with the most retarded name ever, the man has not had enough.

He’s now following in Dino Cazares’ footsteps and formed his own band again, with the original lineup. And by original I mean 1984 original. That’s right, Timo has somehow managed to convince the 3 other aging dinosaurs that once upon a very long ass time were known as “Stratovarius” that this was not the worst idea ever. Tuomo Lassila, the man who originally formed Strato back in ’82 is back, along with long time bass player for the band Jari Kainulainen, who had recently quit the group because he was tired of all the touring. I’m guessing his family is being held hostage by the Tolkster and won’t be released until his duties in this new nightmare are fulfilled.

They’re calling it “Project Strato: Return To Dreamspace” since apparently the whole vibe is to make music in the same vein as Dreamspace/Twilight Time era Stratovarius. That means Tolkki will be back on vocals and a 20 year backtrack on all progress done with Timo’s power metal songwriting (which wasn’t much to being with).

I was really hoping Timo would retire from the whole “being in a band” thing and settle down as a producer or something. All of these attention-getting stunts are getting to be pretty ridiculous.

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