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WARDRUNA and The Forgotten Album

Back around last year when Ghaal was making news all around the internets I happened to find myself perusing through his Myspace, and more interesting than any of the stuff that was on there was one of his top friends: Wardruna.
This is an experimental Norwegian folk/ambient band that he did some vocals for and the few samples of the then upcoming and untitled album were enough to get me hooked. You might have heard their music if you ever watched that tacky documentary which featured Ghaal and a bunch of white boys getting freaked out by his crazy/gay persona.

Anyway enough about Mr. Satan. Wardruna is the shit. I was looking forward to their release but eventually forgot about it, until for some reason I remembered about them tonight and decided to check their Myspace to see if there was anything new.

Turns out there is: Runaljod – Gap Var Ginnunga was released in early January this year, and it rocks my socks. Imagine a slower, darker and more intensely atmospheric version of Finntroll’s Visor Om Slutet and you’ll begin to sort of get the idea. If you’re even remotely into folk stuff, you gotta check them out.

Musically, the main focus is on recreating the Norse cultic musical language and the near forgotten arts of galder and seidr, as well as the daily acts of life. This is mixed with impulses from Norwegian/Nordic folk music and music from other indigenous cultures.

2 Responses to “WARDRUNA and The Forgotten Album”
  • Doomhelm says:

    I have been listening to this album for the past 2 months and its awesome. The perfect music to study or read to.

  • Allfather says:

    I’ve also had this album for a few months and it is amazing. I’ve never heard anything like it.

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