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WINTERSUN’s “Time” album cover leaked, people think it’s gay

The cover art for the long time coming Wintersun album “Time” has been leaked:
I personally think it looks nice, but many people out there have been using words as “gay” and “retarded” to describe it.

According to a post on the Wintersun official message boards, it is only a draft and not the official art to be used for the cover. I’ve yet to confirm this since the page for that topic in their forums is not loading for me. I guess I’ll just give it more time. Get it? I crack myself up.

Thanks to The Blackest Apocalyptica for the heads up.

47 Responses to “WINTERSUN’s “Time” album cover leaked, people think it’s gay”
  • greggcarson says:

    Maby if the background wasn’t purple.

  • patta says:


  • dick says:

    yo ron i found where jari said it’s the wrong one, posted it in the thread

  • Doomhelm says:

    Yeah this was posted on the Wintersun website a few months ago. I was taken down shortly afterward.

  • Zach says:

    It’s kinda cool.

  • the fly says:

    if the tree had black leaves i wouldn’t mind the purple background

  • Cryhavoc says:

    jari should fuck what every fool has to say about this… if this is the face of time, who is to question? i personaly would not have chosen this.. but it has a subtile beauty behind it.. if he changes this album cover because a few simple minded fools call it “gay” i will loose all respect for him and his creative impulses which he should fight to the death to defend.

  • Nightmare says:

    come on guys, Black leafes??? for real??

    it is epic as hell, some constelations and space-stuff are purple and pink u know, does that makes them gay?? can u even say a constelation is gay???? lol. try to think outside the box for once, and i totally agree with Cryhavoc, if Jari wanted it like that then that´s how it is supossed to be, and i happen to love the cover, reminds me of the greatness of the universe, and it´s great to see a metal cover so original.

  • AbyssS says:

    I completely agree with the last 2 comments… nothing to add, if you are a true artist you will remain true to yourself.

  • Dante says:

    It’s gay???
    WTF… !!!

    The Album is Nice!
    the name of songs…
    Bullshit -__-

    this album and the previous album too…
    this band is so fucking great!

    Death and the Healing (8)

  • Warheart says:

    LOLOLOL Time waiting for time in the side, hahaha.
    That is some massive time.

  • Discursion says:

    The cover reminds me a lot of the movie called “The Fountain”. Did anyone see this movie? I really wonder if Jari has.

  • T says:

    I think he needs to work on the text used for Time instead. Everything else in the picture looks so great, yet I think that drags it down. And before you ‘true artist’ guys say something against that, it’s more of a design thing, than an art thing.

  • mictain666 says:

    I, for one, love the cover. the cosmos (which wintersun talks about a lot) and a…Japanese tree in winter?…i dunno, it’s just beautiful. the Time text is ok, kinda has an oriental feel to it, who knows, maybe Time has a bit of oriental influence in it


  • Anondood says:

    I think it’s a perfect cover. Epic and beautiful.

    And I don’t see why prupler colour in the background means gay or retarderd. Really, it’s just a colour that you cand find all around the universe, what’s wrong about it?

  • Dimorpha says:

    Come on, guys. Pink, purple…they’re colours. Million shapes and colours. A storm inside your mind…anyway, for some reason, these two colours have been attributed to femininity for ages, but that notion should be shed. Even if it isn’t shed, it is clear that Jari has a strong personal connection to nature, and nature has always been perceived as a FEMININE ENTITY, as in in the phrase “Mother Nature.” I can’t think of a better way to represent the concept of “Time” myself. The tree is perfect. Trees sprout, grow, have obvious change according to seasons when they blossom, flourish, or whither. If you cut a tree down, you can look at the concentric rings to get a pretty accurate idea of how much “Time” they have existed for. Then they become gnarled and old and they die, and death is another thing that Jari obviously thinks about and writes music about. The constellations in the night sky also change with the passing of the seasons. Nebulae can be rosy if Jari wants them that way. My only problems are the generic typeface, and the well hasn’t been layered into the overall picture quite right, but remember this is a draft. The well is also fitting for the concept, because wells represent self-reflection/introspection, infinity, and the procurement of wisdom from deep within the self. Sorry for the dissertation on representative art, but if anyone thinks this is GAY, they should just stop listening to Wintersun. It’s too intellectually and philosophically heavy for you, so just get back to fapping to As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, All That Remains, and your other hardcore bands with sentence fragments for band names. They have no fucking clue what METAL is all about. PEACE.

  • asdf says:

    Grats, a bunch of immature idiots say the cover art is gay.. haven’t heard that before.

  • metalas1000 says:

    i kinda like the cover art but wintersun is just badass even if it was as gay as having a penis for the front cover i’d listen to them.

  • Jarifan says:

    Personally, I find this cover very appropriate and quite imaginative. The self-titled album had a great cover too, but this definitely tops it and I hope this stays as the final draft of the cover. I agree with Dimorpha completely, this is a great representation of “Time”! People need to grow up and appreciate things more…just because it is purple or pink does not make it “gay.” Honestly, I really hope all the alleged “gay-sayers” fuck off and die. They are too immature to really understand the true meaning behind Wintersun, the reason they are so great! Jari is a true genius and he is pretty much all of my musical inspiration, me being a guitar player and hopefully a vocalist in the future. The whole starry sky and universe scenery is perfect for “Time.” These immature fucks need to grow up and if they never listen to Wintersun again, great! I don’t want anything to do with them, they are an insult to Jari and all his fans.

  • doom says:

    its gaytarded

  • atheartofwinter says:

    This cover is great. I love it. It’s now the background to my phone.

  • Norther says:

    Mikor lesz album?

  • nastypajamas says:

    yeah even i dont seem to like the way “Time” is written…everything else is good…i wonder if jari could’ve added the green from northern lights to the artwork…btw,nice comment, Dimorpha…

  • The people who say it is guy are fucking idiots. But the cover doesn’t really match the style of Wintersun which is why I think Jari isn’t using this one. I don’t mind the purple, but Necrolord’s style of art matches Wintersun more closely in my opinion.

  • g3r0 says:

    cmon guys this art is really nice, it looks like something cosmic mystic nature or something o.O i dunno but i like it but if i’m right this front is wrong, this is not the officialy art of the album but i dont care i always expect really nice work from Jari

  • niko says:

    To me the cover is absolutely tasteless, colours look cheep and cheesy. Cover looks as if a a drunken teenager has done it. The different elements seem in no connection to each other.
    The coverartwork from their debut was great, cause it fitted their music perfectly.

  • ASSMAN says:

    I really like this cover art, it really has a realistic feel to it (compared to necrolords) Lots of magical feel to it.

    But the way the tree curves is kind of gay, I think
    It’s better than the S/T cover.
    S/T artwork was too “plain” too blue. I left no imagination with S/T, just a dead guy lying face-first in the snow, this new cover is amazing! Can’t wait to see the finished version.

  • lolcats says:

    This is one of the most Metal album covers i’ve ever seen. period.

  • bgp says:

    Guys, isn’t it supposed to be symbolic of the Aurora Borealis in Finland?

  • Stephen says:

    Okay this is getting outrageous you people are so impatient. the timer at the top is a very immature thing to be doing. its not jari’s fault at all. he is mostly concerened with keeping a roof over his head atm, finishing the album is his last priortiy right now i bet.
    and album art is not even the finial version and you people only complain about how you don’t like it. so you guys all get pissed when you get nothing but once you get something its not good enough for you, you people are like spoiled little rotten teenage girl. it makes me sick but at the same time laugh because you all sound like idiots. Jari is an amazing musician and you know it because the only reason you would be on these forms is because you want Time and you know its going to be a great album.
    so to all the people who are talking shit about Jari and about the (UNFINISHED) Album art, you are all idiots and have no lives and nothing else better to do than complain on the internet. you need to shut your mouths and get a job and wait for this album because you putting stress on Jari is not helping at all it a nuisance.
    and to those who suport me thank you, those people are intelligent.

  • Gogo says:

    i laughed at above comment.

    I’m not expecting a good album. I just laugh at how fucking silly this whole business is, with jari taking 4 fucking years to complete one album, which he could have finished in like 6 months. But apparently hes so awesome that when he tries to record, things fucking blow up. Hes just trying to create a hype around the album, but unless he release an album real soon, hes just gonna loose peoples interest.

  • Alan says:

    i think its perfect…

  • The Dick says:

    You stupid fuckheads! Don’t you get it? THE ALBUM WILL NEVER BE RELEASED! THAT’S WHY IT’S ENTITLED TIME! HE’S PLAYING MIND GAMES WITH ALL OF YOU AND YOUR FALLING FOR IT! FORGET ABOUT THE ALBUM NOW! IT’S ALL JUST A JOKE, 200 TRACKS A SONG? ARE. YOU.FUCKING. KIDDING ME!????!?!?!?!?!?!? Especially if he works on em all simultaneously it’s an impossible process. unless Jari is somekind of idiot who can’t pull his head out of his ass He’ll tell all you guys what is going on. He made up one riff and played it live! You morons still think “wooow”. Are you people dumb enough? Forget about Wintersun, the fans are truly more important than the artist. And JARI JUST SPITS IN ALL OF YOUR FACES! Can’t believe I stuck with this band as long as I did. What a waste of MY TIME!

  • The Dick says:

    ahh….Sorry everyone, that was my impatient tourettes….

  • WinterFan says:

    Wow, It looks beautiful! I cant wait for it to come out!

  • Commentor says:

    I actually like the way “Time” is written. I have no idea why. It seems unimportant and in total contrast with the rest of the cover, and that is a good effect. As for the length of the album preparation, oh well, plenty of other good metal releases. If Wintersun took 15 years to write, Time could take about that long too.

  • Llama Man says:

    Personally i think it looks pretty bad… There’s noting wrong with the concept, its just poorly made. I can see the seams where the stuff has been layered over and some parts of the image just dont seem to fit very well. If it was done the way the first albums cover was made(painted) it would look awesome. This is just unskilled photoshopping. :P

    Also the same tree/bush has been used twice in the image, look at the left and right side and youll see it… Its just been mirrored. The font used for “time” looks like shit, seriously, and whats with the stream and the well? I draw parallells between this and some indie point and click games ive seen(objects stand out).

    Wow i sound so elitist.

    Wintersun for ever. (till the end of time rite)

  • Llama Man says:

    Btw dick thanks for the laugh, rofl

  • Look u all ( excpt the ones who suports me) bastards, idiots, assholes, retaded, son of a bitch, Jari is the best, Wintersun is the best, and time will be the best album of all times, u all have no sense of what metal is, u all get us embarassd, u should not exist. Long life to wintersun and Jari, they’ll prevail trough the ages and milleniums, ah and the cover is grat I dom’t care if they use it in time, why? CAUSE IT IS SO COOL, Not like u all ball of loosers, go the hell u all, hahahahahahahah!!!! idiots

  • lol says:

    the one over me you have a big problem with yourself or wtf.
    you cant say that will be the best album when you didnt heard anything about it
    and you cant say that we all have no sense of what metal is… im sure you dont know every metal band witch exist and im sure too that you dont know what other people listen to. so dont insult them
    maybe you should shut up and think about what you say, and saying we shouldnt exist is the senslessed thing ive ever heard.
    (sry for my bad english)

  • wintersice says:

    supposedly on this album Jari is using japanese inflenenced riffs hence the japanese styling, and also there is a song called silver leaves on the album so thats probably why there is silver leaves on this cover. I dont want to sound like a philosiphizer or anything but alot of guys have skipped over trying to make beautiful things cause of critics calling it gay or lame cause it doesnt have a fucking skull or sings about someone getting mutilated, people are always getting stuck on the wrong things, this dude has made IMO some of the greatest music ever and metal dudes are getting all homophobic cause there’s fucking purple and pink on the cover? Dude come on get over it! I hope that this next album is as good if not better than the first but I think that once TIME does come out everyone is gonna be all on his nuts AGAIN.

  • rodrigo says:

    the cover is fantastic , it sheds cosmic power :-)

  • Jonny says:

    Dear TheDick,

    I don’t know if you’re being serious or not :P

    But Jari is the coolest band member i’ve ever met (other than Kai). I’ve met Bodom, Sylosis and Alestorm. Jari was the only guy which was actually genuine and just all round cool (again, Kai was equally as awesome). Plus, I know Jari’s pain, my computer freezes when I write my music and it’s impossible to write when it’s so laggy! I don’t mean to spam but this a piece of my work:

    If you actually listen to it, thank you. If you did listen, you’ll hear the simplicity and even that almost destroyed my computer. I don’t use many plug ins either.

  • thijs says:

    lol guys, it’s just a draft. Like “hey, we could have a tree in a winter landscape with a spacey background, something like this [image]“

  • DragonMIke says:

    I think is interesting. After all, violet is the most abundant “color” in the universe.

  • nickelodian says:

    Erm… When the sun goes down in the winter night sky what colour is made… Here in Northern England it goes… PURPLE! If you think it is gay, or that anything is gay, it means you are actually homosexual but daren’t like anything that might give that fact away. Your inability to like anything that might be portrayed as being only liked by homos betrays you. Stop being so self-hating. Admit you are who you are and that there’s nothing wrong with that. Everyone hates a self-loathing nazi poof.

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