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“I don’t have a can opener”

ITE: Grilled chicken, Nicaraguan Communism, Conan, The Listener Survey, Metalscape Movie Reviews, busless tour, Rusty Cooley, right angles and confusion, fuck insurance, Zach hates history and albino crocs.

Mastodon – Oblivion
Tribulation – Beyond the Horror
Vomitorium Angelis – Averse Sefira
Bombs of Hades – Disrespect Their Bones
Cryptopsy – Dead and Dripping
Tyr – Hold the Heathen Hammer High
Wardruna – Jara
Doomsword – Gergovia

Dusty Tunes
Pulp Tunes
Zach’s Desktop
Zune HD
Rusty Cooley
Pixar vs. Dreamworks

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