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SONATA ARCTICA guitarist to release solo album

Who the fuck is Elias Viljanen? Sonata Arctica’s guitarist that’s who. Did you know that? Because I sure as hell didn’t. What happened to our beloved red-haired shemale with the eternal Jack Daniels shirt? Did he finally die of alcohol poisoning? Was he killed by an angry swedish mob? Is he pregnant?

Anyway, this dude’s releasing a solo album and is said to be influenced by the likes of Steve Vai and Satch, so you know it’s gonna be absolutely amazing. Fellow SA mates Henrik and Tony are featured in the album, as well as ex-retired bass player Jari Kainaurikleenex from old/new Stratovarius.

Check it out. Or don’t.

Source: Metalstorm

Former guitar player Jani Liimatainen was asked to leave the band due to problems related to his conscription thing. He will not be releasing a solo album anytime soon.

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7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!