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A Steady Cam Is No Match For Petri Lindroos

Ensiferum just released the video for the title track on the new album “From Afar”. It’s the first song I’ve heard off the new album and it sounds pretty good.

What struck me right off the bat was the use of a full live orchestra, the brass hits at the beginning of the song are excellently done and bring a new atmosphere to Ensiferum, who were beginning to get a little stale.

The video has fairly high production values but I have no fucking idea what’s going. The chick with the dreads is cute as a button though, she looks like she’s from Whoville. The camera also shakes whenever Petri looks into it while he’s singing, I understand it’s supposed to give of a powerful vibe. But if you’ve ever seen the man in person, he’s kinda frail/anorexic looking. Check out the video below.

3 Responses to “A Steady Cam Is No Match For Petri Lindroos”
  • Doomhelm says:

    Petri can’t act for shit. He looks bored

  • Paraonal says:

    I like ensiferum, I know they aren’t really supposed to be angry music; but they always sound particularly good when I’m pissed.

    I like this song, I was worried they’d turn to shit. Cool video too

  • doom says:

    New album is ok. I dont think its as good as victory songs though, and definatly not as good as Iron or Ensiferum. Still good shit though.

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