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Devin Townsend Is A Musical Genius

Just a couple of Minutes ago on his official twitter Devin Townsend released some info on plans for his upcoming tour.

This man is releasing 3 albums back to back, and is now going to go on tour and release a new EP every 6 months so his show doesn’t get stale. How long is he planning on touring?

I’m thinking that now I’m going to be touring, that I should just release a new and different ep each 6 months as promotion for the shows.

Addicted is a great record, but just more material for live as opposed to something I feel the need to cling to.

I started rehearsing a fast and heavy ep, some reworked Physicist stuff, and the best ‘songs’ off deconstruction, could track it in December

And then it would be part of the show. I’ve get a new age thing, an acoustic thing, a wanky guitar thing… a new ep every 6 months?

It would keep intersted musically, keep the identity fluid, and give me tons of new stuff to play. The industry has definitely changed.

If the new music could be promotion for the show…cool! Addicted is just this 6 month periods contribution…


3 Responses to “Devin Townsend Is A Musical Genius”
  • Shortbread says:

    Devin is awesome, though the only song I really like from Ki is Coast. That’s pretty much it, the rest i find kinda annoying. Enjoying some good ol’ SYL though so i’ll look forward to some more heavy stuff when he releases it.

  • Anonymousity says:

    He´s not a genius. I will sum up why he could be mistaking as such.
    1: He found his cool C tuning back in the days and was fooling around with that on a program and was fooling around with a lot of sounds and noises and therefore came up with a fundament of his to develope.
    2: His production, songwriting and voice simply just goes so greatly together that it makes up for an addicting and awinspiring experience, and he has kept that going, thou his records are different, it´s still build around a big sound with lots of bass and reverbs, and the scream vs clean vocals! Some of his songs are as close to genius as you get, but i just don´t think the word genius is something you can just hand out to anyone! I just think he´s extremely brilliant and unique sounding :)

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