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NIN finaly giving up

As some of you know, Nine Inch nails is doing the farewell tour wich will end in los angeles. And for me, thats good news. I have his first album Pretty Hate Machine, and i think its pretty cool. But now, every dude and their mother seem to be fucking jacking of to them. I usually dont hate a band because many people listen to them, but half the NIN fanbase is probably kids who think they are so awesome, cool and goth because they listen to nine inch nails, paradise lost and candlemass, wear black cloths they got from the supermarkets cloth department and wear a bit too much makeup. This pisses me off. So now atleast i dont have to see some big headlines with about “trent reznor getting into a new dispute”. And hopefully I also wont hear anymore retarded scenekids talking about how “cool and awesome” the new NIN album is.

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