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Those Whom the Gods Detest

That’s the title of Nile’s upcoming album which is apparently the first one to deviate from the band’s trademark Egyptian themes.
those whom the gods detest
Ok that’s not true. Karl Sander promises that it will have more sand in it than your grandma’s vagina. Perhaps not as much. The artwork is pretty sweet, it reminds me of a history book. Track list was also posted and it contains some very interestingly named songs. Also worth noting on that link is that Nuclear Blast expects this to be Nile’s shortest running album, with a total duration of 0.00 minutes.

Props to Nile for breaking away from social constraints and political correctness by naming the first track on their new death metal album “Nigger”. You may argue that that’s not the literal meaning of the word, and that they might be using it in the original middle eastern context but I might argue that you’d be ruining my already frail joke. Asshole. Then you have a song about turd incantations which may actually be the best song title I’ve ever heard. We then skip to track No. 5 in which these motherfuckers apparently failed at spelling the word “Dragon” (a quick call to fellow crackpots Rhapsody would’ve solved that in a jiffy) and then the deadly spelling bee strikes again on track No. 8, which looks like it took 3 tries to get the name right. At No. 9 we have “The Eye of Ra” which is the quintessential, iconical and most famous Egyptian imagery element of all time:
Kinda weird actually, because you can call Nile everything you want, but they are certainly not cliché when it comes to their Egypt stuff.

Anyway it should be an interesting release. Ithyphallic was crap admittedly, but I’m still interested to see what has Mr. Sanders has cooked up this time.

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