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Tony Kakko Broke My Heart

I know a lot of people hate Sonata Arctica, and I fully understand why. They are repetitive, cheesy, emo, probably the worst band ever.

That being said, I’ve always thought Silence was a pretty great album and it still gets regular playtime from me. Unfortunately, ever since Winterheart’s Guild, I’ve been waiting for another Sonata Arctica album to come close to the quality of Silence and as usual I was excited when news about the new album “The Days of Grays” started coming out. I just about fell off of my chair when I saw they had new songs up on their MySpace page. Well, not quite.

However, they’re shit, I’ve been let down once again. I know it’s only two songs, but it’s most likely the two best songs. It’s more mid-paced drivel that, in all honesty, has plagued most of their albums. However they now seem to be content releasing ONLY mid-paced drivel. No more Wolf and Raven, Dream Thieves, 8th Commandment, nothing. If you’ve ever seen them live you’ll know that they tend to ignore that entire part of their career. And focus on the newer, anime nerd pleasing shite.

Fuck this, I’m pissed.

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