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As it pertains to Hell

The days of trying to figure out what is that special something that is missing from your life are over my friends, Ov Hell is here! Check it out:

Out of Norway’s biggest and darkest metal bands rises Ov HELL. This group of Satan’s all-stars has been sharpening their teeth in some of black metal’s most influential bands for many years. Known as key figures in bands such as Dimmu Borgir and Gorgoroth, Shagrath and King have come together to bring forward a new chapter in Norwegian black metal history. Ov HELL will carry on in the same tradition for which King and Shagrath are known, but the collaboration between the two will mark a new era for them both.

Frost, Ice Dale and Teloch have been recruited for the first full-length release. The album will contain all of the power and blast beats worthy of their evil pedigrees. Expect an assault on all false gods and hypocrisy that is of this world today…..

Yup. “Satan’s all-stars” alright. Seems that King decided that instead of trying to live the satanic life by literally sucking cock daily like his pal Gaahl, he was gonna try his hand at another “Black Metal” venture. Because it’s still a relevant genre and there is still much to say about Satan and how Christianity sucks and how we should all be burning churches.

Joining in this Nuclear Blast-funded fiasco is the amazing Shagrath from Dimmu Borgir who is of course handling the awesome vocal duties and the ever reliable Frost on drums. This dude is a band whore. I swear I could start a black metal band right this minute and have Frost record drums for it by Saturday.

It’s hilarious really. There’s some songs on their hellishly fire-clad MySpace if you care to listen.

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7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!