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DECAPITATED come back to life

According to a bulletin on their MySpace, polish death metal sensation Decapitated have assembled a new line up and will be touring next year. If you’re unfamiliar as to why would this be important, maybe you missed on the tragic events of October 2007, when the band was involved in a traffic accident that claimed Vitek’s (drummer) life. Covan (vocals) is still not fully recovered from his injuries to this day.
Vogg (only remaining founding member, Vitek’s brother) says that it was a hard choice to make, but in the end he resolved to carry on with the band. The full line-up will be announced later this December, and there’s some tour dates on their MySpace already. Long Live Decapitated!

Also, here’s a video of their new drummer:

Krimh-Invisible Control-Drums

DECAPITATED | MySpace Music Videos

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