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FINLAND: Broadband Internet is not a luxury, it is your right!

Apparently, Finland has become the first country in the world to declare broadband internet access as a basic human right, and is demanding that by July 2010 all citizens of the Power Metal country by excellence be provided with at least a 1 MB/s connection. And by 2015 that requirement will jump to 100 MB/s.

In other news, Nicaragua has no idea what the fuck the internet is.

2 Responses to “FINLAND: Broadband Internet is not a luxury, it is your right!”
  • doom says:

    Im pretty much moving to finland. Its the best country in the world hands down.

  • Gangland says:

    I agree. Everything is a right, fuck privileges! I’m a free human not some fag or animal peon! No government should be able to tell me whats my “privilege” and whats my “right”. My right is EVERYTHING MOTHER FUCKER!

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