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HEAVENLY gets new drummer, reveals new cover art

Seriously, who in the fuck listens to Heavenly? I’m afraid I do. Their “Dust to Dust” album is a Power Metal masterpiece, and even though the followup “Virus” kinda sucked, I still care.

According to the interview-challenged staff at MetalStorm, Thomas Das Neves (drummer) decided he had had enough of the gay and decided to leave the french outfit. Fortunately, power metal drummers in France are a dime a dozen and the guys have a found a replacement in Pierre-Emmanuel “Piwee” Desfray, who used to perform percussive duties for fellow metal countrymen “Fairyland”. Pierre said that he was looking to join a band with a less homosexual name, but with substantial fagness nonetheless.

Also, they got the cover art for their next Opus, “Carpe Diem” up on their site. Check it out:
Semi-naked chicks? Seriously? You’re not fooling anyone guys.

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