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I, Relocate

If you’re a casual visitor of the Metalscape blog you know that updates are not really a common thing to see on our page. So it may have caught your attention the fact that there were 3 (!) on the same day. I mean, that’s a lot of fucking updates.

The reason for this is because I, Ron, am the only one that makes posts on a somewhat regular basis, and for the last week or so I had no internet in this new apartment I’m now living in. You read that right, I am no longer sharing my dwelling with that crazy Venezuelan ape known as “Chepe” you all came to love/hate.

I’m not back to living on my own, as I know share this apartment with an uncle of mine, but it is definitely a significant change. And I guess this really has not much of an effect on the podcast, but I thought you guys should know. And hell, I’m in a posting mood and there’s no mortal man that can stop my stride.

By the way, new episode will probably get recorded tomorrow (Sunday, Oct 11) if Zach can find the time in his extremely busy schedule.

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