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Nachtmystium set to record “Black Meddle II” in January

Now we all know “Black Meddle Part I” was fucking unbelievable. But even though the name implies it, I had totally forgotten about a part II . I was content enough with the other one I don’t think I can handle two of them. Here’s the post from their MySpace page.

“We’re currently working on material for ‘Black Meddle Part II’ (official title to be announced) and will be doing a demoing pre-production session with Sanford Parkerin October.

“The new material is reminiscent of ‘Assassins’ with more of a rock and roll edge over all. Our love for post-rock and industrial (ala MINISTRY, KILLING JOKE, etc) is even more present this time around.

“Recording for the new record will begin in early January and we project to have the record out in March or April.”

Nobody tell Malefic, I think he’s still upset about those sweet red shoes.

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