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OPETH assist in suicide

According to their official site, Opeth’s tour bus crashed into another car that made an un-expected U-Turn as the band (minus Åkerfeldt, Axenrot and Äkesson who had flown back to Sweden) was on their way to Brussels. Everyone in the bus came out unscathed, but the driver on the car died later in the hospital.

Moreover, Metalstorm says that the accident was no accident at all, since police later found a suicide note inside the car that made the U-turn. Freaky no? Mikael says he’s pretty disturbed about the whole thing. I say it’s quite appropriate; You can’t have a prog band without some sort of freaky accident/incident happening on their tours. It all ads up to the mystique.

Now was that guy aware who he was crashing into? Luckily the guys were not seriously delayed and will still make their date on Brussels and nobody’s gonna bitch about a canceled date. That asshole almost ruins their touring schedule. Good going there motherfucker, good thing you’re dead. Another thing to note here is that now Opeth has enough cash that Mikael can decide to take a few days off tour for himself and the other swedes and just fly back home while the rest of the band spends those days peeing in the same toilet inside a mobile suicide assistant machine. Go Roadrunner.

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