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TIME: 4 years and Still Waiting

Yup. If you take a look to your right you’ll see our restless watch over Jari Mäenpää’s upcoming album “Time”, which as of this writing has been over 4 years and 11 days in the making ever since it was announced.

Jari first rose to prominence thanks to his involvement in Ensiferum. He rearranged some of the songs, did vocals and played lead guitar in their now classic self-titled debut album, and after releasing a second album with the band he left to pursue his own musical interests. That turned out into the forming of “Wintersun”, a band which at the beginning was basically just Jari. He then got a drummer and enough studio time to release the fantastic self-titled album which we all know and love (except Zach).

A couple of years after his 2004 debut, Jari announced a follow-up record was in the making. This got everyone in the metal community (except Zach) excited for the sequel to one of metal’s greatest albums in recent times. Jari later on revealed “Time” as being the title of the new album and some updates on the recording process. Everything seemed all nice and dandy.

But then stuff started to go wrong. Equipment got fucked up, unavailable studio time, money was running low, gear was not up to snuff and several other bumps in the road that delayed the release significantly were made public through the band’s website, making the fans begin to wonder if “Time” would ever see the light of day. Jokes came and went, fake artwork was posted and taken off, and even some donations were made, but still no album.

The last update on Wintersun’s site is from February of this year, announcing that all their shows were being canceled as they were not yet gig-ready due to “unexpected problems with technology” and even some “personal problems” with Jari’s apartment. But no real news on any substantial progress on the album.

By now, “Time” has become the stuff of myth. Does it really exist? If so, will it ever be released? And if it does, will it be the greatest metal album of all Time? I personally have high hopes that the answer to all these questions is a resounding yes, but as usual, you gotta have your doubts. First, it will be really difficult to match and let alone surpass the quality of the first album and second, anything that is hyped to the extent that “Time” has been (even if the hype is just a side-effect of all the delays), usually ends up sucking ass hard. But let’s hope that some day we get to actually listen to the record, and prove these assumptions either right or wrong.

I guess only Time will tell.

(that’s right motherfuckers, “Time” joke)

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