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With Chocolate Milk by my Side, No Mortal Man shall break my Stride

I was going over this blog’s stats as they relate to daily number of visits and the posts you guys read the most, and I was surprised to see that the most read post on the site was the “Sundays at the Wordless Chamber” one.

In my never ending quest to create the ultimate metal blog and in turn, create the ultimate metal revenue, I took these findings to heart. I guess you guys enjoy reading personal informative tidbits that also offer the opportunity to interact more than reading actual metal news or articles.

So in order to satisfy this unfulfilled crave, I am now writing this here post. It’s a peaceful Tuesday afternoon and I just finished washing my car using the pressure water gun located inside this rental community I recently moved in. It definitely got rid of most of the dirt and crap that was obscuring the radiant beauty of my beloved steel chariot (which by the way is now all nice and fixed for those of you who remember the perilous condition it was in not too long ago). It’s a good start, but it’ll definitely need a good scrubbing to achieve a complete clean.

With that out of the way, I entered the Wordless Chamber with the iron will to being the outline for the persuasive speech I am to be doing tomorrow. I’m doing it on why you should learn to cook your food at home, and I truly wish all you guys were in that classroom with me watching me perform magic with words. To be witness to one of my speeches is like being in the presence of the truly divine, all modesty aside. And for those of you who question my authority on home cooking, I’ll leave you with a picture of what I prepared for lunch today; Lamb with chips and rice:
Delicious ^

But yeah, I’ll begin working on that as soon as I’m done with this post. I’ll prolly also need a refill of chocolate milk as my glass has run low in the course of this typing. I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you guys about the Store; I added a couple of shirts featuring some classic Metalscape phrases, and later this week you can expect a new design featuring Zach’s “Food Connoisseur” and “Folk Me!” concepts. Also, episode CXX was released yesterday, so if you haven’t checked that out, you most definitely must. It’s a very good one and it contains some important news concerning Metalscape’s future.

We’ll see how this personal posting thing works out. Maybe I’m onto something, maybe it was a coincidence, we’ll see. So what are you up to on this Tuesday evening?

2 Responses to “With Chocolate Milk by my Side, No Mortal Man shall break my Stride”
  • doom says:

    now im hungry as shit after looking at that delicious lamb and its 1am jerk

  • Fraser says:

    shit ron, I was about to go food shopping, but after reading this post I’ve had shuffle about my list to accommodate lamb chops. DAAAYYYMMNNN

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