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ANGRA working on new album

According to fellow metal interwebs page MetalStorm, Angra are currently working on a new studio album for release in early 2010. Here’s a statement supposedly issued by the band’s Edu Falaschi (I can’t find anything on their official website):

I’m here to tell that Angra already has more than 10 songs in work. These songs promise our album to be phenomenal at the very least! I’m going to try to express how the new album is getting its shape. What became clearer day-by-day, is the Magic in these songs, the romanticism, the aura of the times of hope, the beauty and the finess in the melodies. The technique becomes a real ally of the passion, which permeates every harmony in its most sublime form! These melodies make the breast explode in this feeling of pride and joy. This is the new album of Angra!

If it’s anything like “Temple of Shadows” I’m fucking in. That album was awesome. If you’ve never heard of Angra, here’s a little taste you asshole:

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7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!