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DARK FUNERAL – My Piece of Shit Funeral

Hey guess what? Dark Funeral has a new music video dudes! And it sucks. There’s a 15 second long disclaimer screen at the beginning about how this video depicts “violent” and “offensive” imagery and that it’s not suited for all ages and all sorts of warnings. But then the video starts and ends with the band playing inside a really small room with some random shots of a guy wearing a hoodie walking outside.

What the fuck Dark Funeral? This is what qualifies as violent/offensive for you guys now? I was expecting to watch Satan rape the virgin Mary in the ass and bite her tits off while Emperor Magus Caligula shits on her face or something. When the fuck did these guys collectively grow a vagina and decide to do what is essentially an after hours version of that ATTACK ATTACK! video? It even looks like it was shot in the same fucking piece of shit decaying house.

By the way, the songs sucks fucking ass too. There’s not even a single blast beat on it. A BLAST BEAT! GIVE ME ONE AT LEAST! MOTHERFUCKERS!

Here’s the now legendary Attack Attack video for comparison purposes. And you thought this shit would never make it on Metalscape. Ha!

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