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ELUVEITIE: Everything Remains as it Never Was

Whatever the fuck that means, it’s the title of Eluveitie’s new album, scheduled for release in Spring 2010. I thought these dudes were gonna release the follow-up to their surprisingly entertaining acoustic album thingy next, but I guess I thought wrong. Here’s some artwork and track listing action:


01. Otherworld
02. Everything Remains As It Never Was
03. Thousandfold
04. Nil
05. The Essence Of Ashes
06. Isara
07. Kingdom Come Undone
08. Quoth The Raven
09. (Do)Minion
10. Setlon
11. Sempiternal Embers
12. Lugd┼źnon
13. The Liminal Passage

Track list doesn’t look bad, but they seriously need to change that fucking template they use for their covers. It’s been the same fucking thing now 3 times in a row. Can’t really say I’m excited about it, but it’ll be interesting to hear how they managed to come up with 13 new “folk metal” songs after any songwriting left in the band died halfway through the first album.

And to make this post worthwhile, here’s a picture of Hurdy-Gurdy hottie Anna Murphy:

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7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!