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NUCLEAR BLAST: All Your Symphony X Are Belong To Us

Guess who’s the newest band joining the endless ranks of German Super Label Nuclear Blast? Well Symphony X obviously. It’s right there on the title.

A weird move by the massive band black hole that is Nuclear Blast, since Symphony X have already released the shitfest of an album more popularly known as “Paradise Lost”, and the label’s Modus Operandi so far seems to pick up bands at the peak of their popularity/talent and then work them like illegal Mexicans to release terrible albums every 3 months until either their contract expires or they die of exhaustion (both of which happen to coincide).

At least the new Symphony X album (due in Spring 2010!) will hopefully have some updated production, if the suits manage to pry away the mixing board from Michael Romeo’s cold, dead hands. And maybe they can do something about their fucking ugly ass website.

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