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UNITED KINGDOM: Gimme your Coins

The Mysteriously Legendary Metalscape forum member known simply as the “Sheriff” is, for personal reasons he does not wish to divulge, looking for (collectible/antique?) coins.

That’s right folks. Be it particularly long absences from the boards due to “fishing trips”, allegations of actually being Enslaved’s Grutle Kjellson or generally random old man hijinks, the Sheriff never ceases to be mysterious. Or legendary.

If you live in the UK and would like to help out a fellow metalhead, read on:

For personal reasons I do not wish to divulge here,
I am presently actively looking for the following
pre-1971 decimalization UK denominations (in MINT state):

- a HALF CROWN from 1952 up to 1970 (the older the better)
Half Crown

- a SIXPENCE from before 1960
Six pence

and, especially, a FARTHING, from 1950-1959 (or possibly 1948-1949)

If you have access to such coinage, and would be ready to
part with it under conditions to be agreed on, here is the procedure:

of the coin, next to a VERY RECENT newspaper or to
your favourite Power Metal album for example, in this thread.
(Anybody can find irrelevant pictures of coins on the interwebs,
so please kids, only serious contenders need apply..)

- I’ll evaluate the coin and send you private instructions
on further transactional steps, IF a transaction seem
worthwhile to me at that point.

- PLEASE, no assholes/rich daddy xxxXxx/wise owl NONSENSE.


If you think you might be able to help, please reply in the comments section or directly on the original thread.

One Response to “UNITED KINGDOM: Gimme your Coins”
  • Sharron says:

    Hello Mr Sheriff just came across your request for coins. i have a 1956 sixpence in very good condition if you are still looking i let me know and i will post a picture
    Thanks Sharron

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