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Archive for December, 2009

Odin bless Google

I’m comfortably seated right now at Miami International Airport, waiting to board my flight to the tropical paradise known as Nicaragua. I brought my netbook along because I don’t have my own computer back home, and I don’t feel comfortable looking at pr0n on my sister’s desktop.
And now thanks to the wonderful people at Google, I can start using my sweet Acer Aspire One before I even get on the plane to post on the Greatest Website on the face of the earth.

Google is providing free internet access on a number of airports through January 15. It’s their way of saying Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas to you too Google. I love you.

I’m reading here that they’re also providing in-flight internet, only on Virgin Atlantic Airlines though. Fucking Virgin.

Gregg is reminding me right now that I owe you guys a Nicaraguan Photojournal. I’ll get on that as soon as I land.

Devin Townsend Video Time

Continuing the media frenzy and all out whore fest that started ever since he announced this 4 album concept thingy, The Dev has released two interesting videos.

The first one is of course the video for “Bend it like Bender”, a song from his most recent outing, “Addicted”. The video itself is pretty cool looking, sorta mixing some cel-shaded Modern Warfarey looking visuals with anime or some shit. The song is… alright I guess. But then again, that entire album is… alright I guess. Check it out:

Now the second video promises to be the first in a series that will focus far beyond things beyond things. It’s awesome:

Mesh Mesh

Apparently someone deleted that trailer for the new Meshuggah DVD off the interwebs. But don’t worry, I have just the thing to fill that void with: A Meshuggah music video!

Behold the greatest music video of all time:


That’s the title of the MeshMesh’s upcoming live dvd. I guess 95% of you couldn’t give 2 shits about this, but it’s pretty cool news to me since I may never get a chance to see these guys live. It’ll drop on February 5th in the Old World and 5 days later, on the 10th, in the New World.

Here’s the trailer:

More on the New Finntroll

“The last leaves have fallen in the old world of Europe, stripping down the trees to wooden skeletons, and a dark wind is blowing from the coldest north to freeze your souls. FINNTROLL will blow their new album “Nifelvind” across the withered earth in February 2010. Everybody who thought that the album title is “Mot Skuggornas Värld” should learn his lesson to never trust a Troll. “Nifelvind” was recorded at Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki, Finland and mastered by Mika Jussila (add any big Finnish Metal band for namedropping) at Finnvox Studios. The album cover artwork was done again by the band’s own guitarist Skrymer.

FINNTROLL comments on the album as follows:

“After tough and hectic weeks in the studio, due to lack of time and summer festivals, we are now really, really pleased with the results. “Nifelvind” is the most advanced and mature FINNTROLL-album to date, with musical themes ranging from powerful death metal riffs to dark soundtracks, from pounding black metal Inflatable Pub For Sale to groovy 80′s pop-music. All this is accompanied by our trademark sound, lots of never-before-heard instruments in the metal-scene, folklore and legends that make it overall the most versatile album we have created so far.”

The tracklist reads as follows:

1. Blodmarsch (intro)
2. Solsagan
3. Den Frusna Munnen
4. Ett Norrskensdåd
5. I Trädens Sång
6. Tiden Utan Tid
7. Galgasång
8. Mot Skuggornas Värld
9. Under Bergets Rot
10. Fornfamnad
11. Dråp

Well this is a strange early 20th century mob slasher movie look that they seem to be going for. Hmm.

I refuse to believe this is real

I saw this referenced by a post about a “Juggalo” festival MetalSucks.

I mean, I know that for some reason that defies life, Insane Clown Posse are still around, making “music”. And I know that they have a particularly rabidly moronic fanbase that call themselves “Juggalos” (much in the same way as the Slipknot “Maggot”). But the fact that they have their own 3 day long festival to celebrate their extreme retardation is something that escapes the boundaries of what you may call “reality”. Holy shit.

There are simply no words. See for yourself:


Devin Townsend – Supercrush!
Savatage – When the Crowds are Gone
Asphyx – Asphyx ii (They died as they marched)
Anata – Any Kind of Magic or Miracle
Electro Quarterstaff – Neckwrecker
Lich King – Thrash Resurgence
Freak Kitchen – Teargas Jazz
Father Andrei – Oy, to ne vecher
Radiohead – Reckoner
Alexandrov Ensemble – Korolbeniki
Chingon – Malagueña Salerosa

Fenriz’s love child?

The resemblance is uncanny.

I’m on the phone with Zach’s mom right now so she can explain me what exactly happened during her college exchange student years in Norway.

7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!