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Odin bless Google

I’m comfortably seated right now at Miami International Airport, waiting to board my flight to the tropical paradise known as Nicaragua. I brought my netbook along because I don’t have my own computer back home, and I don’t feel comfortable looking at pr0n on my sister’s desktop.
And now thanks to the wonderful people at Google, I can start using my sweet Acer Aspire One before I even get on the plane to post on the Greatest Website on the face of the earth.

Google is providing free internet access on a number of airports through January 15. It’s their way of saying Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas to you too Google. I love you.

I’m reading here that they’re also providing in-flight internet, only on Virgin Atlantic Airlines though. Fucking Virgin.

Gregg is reminding me right now that I owe you guys a Nicaraguan Photojournal. I’ll get on that as soon as I land.

One Response to “Odin bless Google”
  • Fraser says:

    its cool for google to do that, I wonder how long they are off supplying internet to nicaragua for the christmas period as a special gift ;)

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