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Global Warming my Ass

Outside Temperature
That’s 5ºC, which translates to 41ºF. Al Gore can go fuck himself right after he tries to explain to me why the fuck it’s so goddamn cold in Miami right now.

8 Responses to “Global Warming my Ass”
  • Shortbread says:

    Cold?! It’s gone to -10 here, and has been -something fr the past few days. I’m sure Gogo will have something to say about your whining about 5 degree temperatures too, he’s probably out and about in -15 or something.

  • ron says:

    That’s why I referenced Miami, and not other places (like England and Sweden) where really cold climate is not unusual.

  • Shortbread says:

    -10 here IS unusual. This much snow this often is also unusual. Just look at our fucking media and you’ll see that it is so unusual people go mental about it.

  • ron says:

    I hate you.

  • Gogo says:

    Well we have a unusually cold weather here too with a peak at -32 saturday night(we usually have -10 – 15 this time of year). ive been riding my bike several times to school / otherplaces in -25. And thats not funny

  • ron says:

    So now everyone’s cold! I can never have anything to myself can I?

  • Gogo says:

    not when its not actually cold

  • Alicia Meyer says:

    Global Warming and Climate Change is the biggest environmental issue that we face these days. the long term effects of these environmental changes to a nations economy is quite damaging. there would be a shortage in food supply as well as on water supply too.

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