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I, Return

Before anything, I’d like to wish you a late merry christmas and happy new year. Hope all of you had a great time doing whatever it was that you did.

As you may have guessed by this post’s title, I have returned to the Wordless Chamber. That’s Miami, for all of you out there not so well versed in Metalscape lore.

I failed to work on the Nicaraguan Photojournal yet again, mostly due to the fact that I had no camera to work with. I thought of bringing my own, but I didn’t want to carry even more shit on the plane than I already was. So next time, I promise.

So as to not make this post completely useless, I’ll answer some questions you may have about the show, if you still care about Metalscape:

1. Yes, there is a new episode recorded, the Xmas Episode!
2. No, I won’t post it anytime soon since I’m still missing Zach’s part and he’s been missing for the last 2 months.
3. No, Metalscape is not dead.
4. Yes, you should buy a shirt. I just bought one for my own and it rocks my ass hard.

Stay Metal.

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