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I, Touch

I recently received a handsome influx of money as payment for some services I will be rendering, details of which I will only be discussing in the next Metalscape episode, and I have used part of it for this one purchase: My new iPod Touch.

I was already growing bored with my old ass iPod; its weary and scratched face sadly looking back at me every time I grabbed it as if it was trying to tell me something (“Kill me please”?). It’s been 4 beautiful years filled with musical enjoyment, but I feel it is now necessary to move on. I believe I will be retiring ol’ Fred with the record of longest surviving iPod in the Metalscape community, since everyone in the forums that’s had an iPod has reported a malfunction of it at some point before today. If you can prove otherwise I’d like to hear it.

I was waiting for Apple to release a 60 something GB version of the touch as I deemed 30 GBs was simply not enough. And while I probably should’ve waited a little longer until they release a 120 GB version, having the money burning a hole in your pocket to make the purchase immediately is a very hard thing to resist. So 64 GBs it was.

While my hatred for Apple and all their god damned brainless minions is very well known, I will admit that their line of iPod portable music players is a rather fine accomplishment. This here iPod Touch is friggin’ awesome. Just the gorgeous screen alone is worthy enough to deserve my praise. As I was telling Zachary earlier this week, “It’s like an oasis of pixels amidst my barren, analog life”. And then you have the wi-fi connectivity and the apps which both combined provide an incredibly vast range of content. It’s safe to say that I’m pretty happy with it.

I have of course jailbroken it already and I’m enjoying all the benefits the hack brings. I got Christina as my background in lieu of the usual black and I even designed my own icons to use on the dock (they’re smaller and less intrusive, which allow me to have more screen real estate to drool at). So yeah, I know some of you in the Horde have Touches, so if you have any app recommendations or any other tips, feel free to share.

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7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!