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Is there such a thing as Pop Tech Death Metal?

There is now, and you can thank Arsis for that. Below is the video for their new single off their new album “Starve for the Devil”. It’s called “Forced to Rock”. Yeah no that wasn’t a typo.

Maybe this isn’t really Arsis. Maybe in the not-so-distant future scientists were finally able to figure out time travel, and they used former “metal” band Avenged Sevenfold to test out the potentially fatal process. Avenged Sevenfold agreed because their lives sucked ass anyway and if the thing actually worked, they could show a world that still hadn’t completely forgotten them that after 20 years of practicing their instruments away from the spotlight, they had finally managed to become decent at them (not much they could do for songwriting though). And so they traveled back in time, stole Arsis’ identity and made this video with like 5% of the regular budget for a typical A7X video because well, in the future, they’re all broke and miserable and their little money is worth even less. Also for some reason they’re trying to ruin James Malone’s image by giving him a lisp.

In all fairness though, it’s a fun video. And I like those pinch harmonics in the beginning.

5 Responses to “Is there such a thing as Pop Tech Death Metal?”
  • greggcarson says:

    At first I thought it was catchy then it just started to annoy me also its a small thing but the bass in the left headphone from 0:12 till 0:20 or so just annoyed me. I can only hope they did this as a fun little joke and got back to some more serious stuff later.

  • chwaltman says:

    ya this has gotta be a joke. a pink guitar? from the guy in arsis? i really hope this is some tongue in cheek side project. they were a sweet band till this.

  • Fraser says:

    its more of a homage to the 80s (I even saw a pout or two haha), but yeah it’s pretty tounge in cheek, and I doubt the whole album will be like this. I enjoyed it, it was pretty funny. The song was catchy, but I think it could get old after a few listens.

  • chwaltman says:

    eh i think the whole album is a tongue in cheek project type thing. i mean look at the titles. its funny in a way when you get the joke. they just better get back to what arsis does so well. if this becomes a purely tongue in cheek band its gonna sucks.

  • Kange says:

    lol, Arsis is lame anyway.
    this just reeks of Avenged Sevenfold, Ron was right on the money with that.
    maybe a tribute to “The Rev”…?

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