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RUDRA Music Video

With production values rivaling The History Channel’s better documentaries about Hindu Mythology and carpenter tans of epic proportions comes Rudra, the Singaporean “Vedic Metal” outfit, with their video for Hymns from the Blazing Chariot. The song comes off their latest album, Brahmavidya: Transcendental I, which I got turned into after Zach mentioned it in some episode.

The song’s alright, it’s definitely not my favorite from the album but it serves its purpose as a video song pretty well. Check it out:

The one thing I still don’t get is their haircuts. Especially the vocalist/bassist; What the fuck is going on up there? If anything, everyone in that band should be sporting something similar to my boy Ravana’s do here:

Also, if Rudra’s next album isn’t a concept album about the Ramayana, I will be extremely disappointed. Thanks to our great fan and Food Network pundit Niro Narendran for the heads up.

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