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The Greatest Television Show in History


That’s what you call Top Gear. There has never been a show about anything in the way that this show is about cars. Hell, you may not even like cars, but with Jeremy Clarkson and company setting up all their fantastically awesome segments, that doesn’t really matter. Where else can you watch a Bugatti Veyron race an Eurofighter Typhoon jet fighter? Yeah, that’s what I though.

I used to watch it whenever I might happen to catch it on BBC when I was back in Nicaragua, but ever since I moved here for school I never really watched it ever again. But now, browsing for something to watch on Netflix in this my all-nighter, I found that they have entire seasons, seasons, available for watching instantly online.

Fuck yes.

If you’ve never watched Top Gear, you should. And if you do and after that you don’t think it’s the greatest thing that has ever been on TV, you’re dumb.

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