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Windows – Episode VII

Last week, while using Google Image search to complete the album art on some of the songs in my library (so they would look pretty when transferred to my sexy ass iPod Touch), I caught a computer virus. Caught it bad.

I ran my usual antivirus/malware software but it seems it just wasn’t enough. I got some new ones but that didn’t help much either; Windows XP was at its last stand. It’s been around 3 years since I built this machine, and in that time I have never once formatted it. Sure it’s gotten its fair share of System Restores, but not a single clean-start-OS-do-over format. I do think that Windows machines require a format every once in a while, because no matter how secure you think your system is, there’s always nasty crap hiding under the hood piling up. I was going to format my computer when Vista came out, but since it turned out to be shit in software form, I refrained. But then Microsoft realized this was a big problem for me, so they decided to rework the craptacular garbage they called an OS into something that was actually good: Windows 7.

I got my shiny new (and genuine) OEM 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium copy in the mail today, courtesy of Newegg, and began installing as soon as I got it out of the package. And it was beautiful.

Not only is it faster and better looking than XP, but the new stuff they’ve added is actually useful. The single best thing about it is the new taskbar. Whereas before it was just a long ass strip of blue sitting at the bottom of your screen, now it’s the place from where you can control absolutely everything that is on your screen. Quick Launch, application windows, shortcuts, context menus, system settings; everything is here. Fuck the Dock, I’m not in a fucking marina. Also, the new Library system for managing your files is fucking sweet.

I could still do without the excessive window shadowing effect, but that’s really the only gripe I have with it so far. Sweetness in a can indeed.

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