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Zach’s Birthday

As you may all not know, tomorrow is our very own Zachary’s birthday. I think he will be turning 21 or some ridiculously young crap age.

For some reason (and this has nothing to do with the fact that he’s a bitter old man trapped inside the body of a young and vibrant food connoisseur), he hates his birthday. So it is for this very same reason that I urge you to go out of your way and congratulate him as much as possible. He deserves it.

You can post as much as you want in this thread, where the pre-Birthday celebration has now officially started, you can also comment on this post if you’re reading it on the blog, you can post on his Facebook (if you don’t have him as a friend yet I dunno what the fuck you’re waiting for), you can find him on Twitter @zachms and you can even message him on Xbox Live if you feel so inclined (GT: Geirvaldr). Shit, I would give you guys his phone number, but that’d be crossing the line.

Anyway, I’ll start: Happy Birthday Zach!

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