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Archive for February, 2010

NIFELVIND: Trolls Evolve

Nifelvind, Finntroll‘s new album is out now in Europe. That doesn’t mean it’s not available anywhere else though… Anyway, I’m giving it a listen right now and with every song I’m reminded why Finntroll is such a great band. They will never top Jaktens Tid in my heart, but that doesn’t mean they have to give up on making good music. This album continues the troll’s quest for expanding their sound and folksing up their metal in ways untried before. The result? A very enjoyable album.


MESHUGGAH DVD now available at… Hot Topic?

It seems Meshuggah are bent on really making me hate them. Not content with releasing a shit, shit album, they had to go on and make their first ever live DVD from material recorded during their tour for their shit, shit album. And now to top it all off, they’ve made a deal with Hot Topic it seems, where the only place you can get the fucking DVD is at their stores. As an alternative, the DVD is also available online, at

That’s just fantastic Meshuggah. How about this stunt for your next release, ready? Ok so the first thing you do is shit out a retarded album in like 2 weeks, call it “LaLwZeN” and then you get Nuclear Blast to get a hold of Disney or something, so you guys can have a spot in a Hannah Montana episode. Next thing you know, you’ll be making your own Disney musical! And why stop there? After that maybe one of you guys can have a role in the next Twilight movie! Next you can try releasing a sex tape! That’s when you land your very own reality show on MTV “Shuggah!”, get pregnant/on drugs/divorced to keep you in the spotlight and you’re set for life. What about the music you say? Don’t worry, Nuclear Blast will simply keep releasing “LaLwZeN” with a different cover art every six months and that will keep all your 16 year old girl fans happy.

Oh yeah, Arsis is doing the same thing too.


Divinity – Abiogenesis
Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden
Demigod – The Forlorn
Blind Guardian – And Then There Was Silence
Ahab – Old Thunder
Adagio – Missa Aeterna
Immortal – In my Kingdom Cold
Ahab – The Hunt
Burzum – Morgenroede
Angra – So Near So Far
Devin Townsend – Deep Peace
Ulver – Shadows of the Sun
Earth – Engine of Ruin
Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing
Camel – Slow Yourself Down
Kreator – Terror Zone
Beaux Arts Trio – Rachmaninov – Trio élégiaque No.2 in D minor (Op.9): Moderato
Meshuggah – Humiliative

Metalscape Radio

I’ll be doing another installment of the kvltest radio show online, Metalscape Radio, tonight @ 9:00 pm eastern.

Join in and make requests. Also, listen in for a chance to win a free shirt!

Weekend Eroica

It’s the weekend and I’m bored as fuck. At least I don’t fucking clap to slow ballads. Motherfucking canadians:

ELUVEITIE: “LoL new album gice”

“Everything Remains as the same garbage we’ve been churning out after halfway our first album (as it never should have been)” is now streaming at Eluveitie’s Myspace. Yeah you got me, that’s not the real title of the Swiss “New Wave of Folk Metal” band’s new album, but that’s what it essentially is. Just when you thought that the by now rotting carcass of what was once the dead horse that is Eluveitie’s particular brand of “new wave” folk metal could not possibly be beaten any further, these guys prove you otherwise.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a new video for their track “Thousandfold”:

Here’s a serious question: Who is the more ridiculous band, Eluveitie or Van Canto? Is it Eluveitie because they think they can pass the crap they’re doing as “folk metal” or Van Canto, who have one drummer and 4 or 6 dudes doing guitar riffs with their voices? That’s a tough one. Thanks to forum member qqq for the heads up.

Ahab’s Old Thunder

This is off their previous album, “The Call of the Wretched Sea”. I will definitely be playing some more of these guys on the upcoming episode.

Devin Townsend… in vinyl?

If Devin’s hyperactive twitter account is to be believed (and why not, the man’s been supposedly drug free for the last couple of years now), his entire catalog will be seeing the light of day again in the vinyl format.

Wow…the WHOLE dt catalog is being released on Vinyl! Ocean Machine and Terria first, then the rest over the next 4 months!

Cool news for those of you out there who are both DT and vinyl fans. You can of course follow Devin and get your twitter flooded by his 3424567 daily tweets by going to his page, @dvntownsend.


That’s the opener of Divinity’s new album, “The Singularity”. It’s also the only song I like from the record. Why do any of the other songs not sound anything like this? Fuckers.

Ron says: Survey or Die

Help me out in school by completing this survey. It’s a short 6 multiple choice questions thing, won’t take too much of your precious time. If you’ve already seen this on Facebook then don’t do it again because you’ll be corrupting my data and in the process become an asshole. Thanks.

7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!