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ELUVEITIE: “LoL new album gice”

“Everything Remains as the same garbage we’ve been churning out after halfway our first album (as it never should have been)” is now streaming at Eluveitie’s Myspace. Yeah you got me, that’s not the real title of the Swiss “New Wave of Folk Metal” band’s new album, but that’s what it essentially is. Just when you thought that the by now rotting carcass of what was once the dead horse that is Eluveitie’s particular brand of “new wave” folk metal could not possibly be beaten any further, these guys prove you otherwise.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a new video for their track “Thousandfold”:

Here’s a serious question: Who is the more ridiculous band, Eluveitie or Van Canto? Is it Eluveitie because they think they can pass the crap they’re doing as “folk metal” or Van Canto, who have one drummer and 4 or 6 dudes doing guitar riffs with their voices? That’s a tough one. Thanks to forum member qqq for the heads up.

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